Hi, I'm Don Mondell. I help Christians who struggle with addictions, anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, perfectionism or difficulty with authority figures.

Most often those problems come from improperly resolved childhood issues such as: verbal abuse • physical abuse • sexual abuse • parent abandonment or neglect • parent's divorce • relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict.

I'm a Christian counselor & coach, author, men's rehab instructor, founder of SoulCare Research and I've been helping broken Christians for over 30 years. 

I'm still working on my site and plan to open Fall 2018. If you'd like to receive an announcement when I open the site, just leave your information below.

Thanks and may the Lord bless you!


I share the concern many people have for privacy online; so if it will help you, you're welcome to use a fake name and any working email address. I don't spam my visitors and I don't share your information with others.


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I do not spam my visitors or members and I don't share your information with others.