A Christian counselor explains...

Christian counselor Don Mondell helps Christians, who as a child, suffered sexual, verbal, physical abuse, parent alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, abandonment or neglect, and as an adult Christian now suffers with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, perfectionism and/or a broken marriage.
Many adult Christians appear fine in public and at church. Many also attend Bible studies, church events and do good works. Many also secretly struggle with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and/or perfectionism.



In your childhood, did you experience any of these issues? 


  • verbal abuse

  • physical abuse

  • sexual abuse

  • parents divorce

  • parent(s) abandonment

  • parent neglect

  • relationship with an alcoholic

  • relationship with a drug addict


As an adult Christian, do you experience any of these issues? 


  • Addictions

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Inability to stay focused

  • Depression

  • Insecurity

  • Insomnia

  • Perfectionism

  • Low Self-esteem

  • High stress


If you answered "yes" to those two questions, please read what I have to tell you...



Christian counselor Don Mondell helps Christians who as a child suffered verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and or grew up around the influence of a drug addict or alcoholic.


Hi, I'm Don Mondell, Christian counselor, coach, and founder of SoulCare Research. 


For more than half my life I've worked to help struggling Christians turn their sorrow to joy. I'd like to help you, too.


We can do that through FreedomKeys. Let me tell you more.




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As a Christian counselor of 30+ years, I have specialized in helping adults I call, Broken Christians. 


These are people who want to please God but struggle with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or perfectionism.


Over 90% also suffered childhood trauma such as parent neglect, abandonment, divorce, verbal abuse, sexual abuse or physical abuse. While not always, many times those events occurred within a home where alcoholism or drug addiction was present.


From seeing so many broken Christians, I developed FreedomKeys. It's a Biblical process & tools that unlock the problems of broken Christians. Think of it this way...



For adult Christians, the trauma of childhood abuse often results in issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, addictions and more.


The "lock" is the inciting event(s) such as verbal, physical or sexual abuse.  Those events cause trauma to one's soul and that in turn convinces the victim of lies they learn to believe at a very deep level. Their strong but distorted belief system forms their core issue. The "chain links" are the eventual problems that originate from the core issue ("lock"). 



Christian counselor Don Mondell helps Christians who suffer with perfectionism, anxiety, addictions, depression and more.


Unfortunately, if the "lock" or core issue is not properly resolved, the problems will continue and become worse over time.


Often an "avalanche" effect occurs where one problem creates another new problem and the new problem creates further problems. This situation is particularly tragic as time passes as was the case with Annie. 



Annie's Story

Christians who suffered childhood verbal, sexual or physical abuse, parent neglect, abandonment or divorce and/or homelife with an alcoholic or drug addict will often suffer symptoms later in life that may begin with anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, depression or perfectionism and then compound to include addictions and/or financial, occupational & relational failures.


Annie (not her real name) was 44 when she came to me. It was clear she had suffered emotional distress for a long time.
She couldn't easily state what her problem actually was, only what the apparent symptoms were. She was a Christian for a long time, but she battled addictions, anger, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.
She also carried enormous guilt because as a Christian, she felt she should not have the issues she did but had been unable to resolve her issues.
During FreedomKeys it became clear that she was raped as a little girl. That event led to incorrect beliefs about herself, her life, God & others. In essence, she believed lies.
As is the case with most people coming from her situation, she was both too young, unaware and without sound theological understanding to perceive her deep-seated beliefs were untrue. Those beliefs cause growing discomfort within one's deepest being which the brain translates as emotional pain.
Without full cognizance of why she was self-medicating, she began drinking.
She added promiscuity and eventually became pregnant at 19 with the child of a much older married man. He abandoned her and she was left with a child that neither person wanted to bring into the world. Nevertheless, she mothered the child.
Unfortunately, the unresolved issue of rape, the stress of single parenting at an early age, drinking, and a growing anger & anxiety problem eventually tempted her to opiates.
Opiates create a sense of euphoria in the brain & body that suggests one's problems are actually not so bad. She was easily hooked.
Surprisingly, she finished college, was able to support herself and her child, and eventually got married...all while "managing" her addictions.
In time, the addictions got worse, her husband left her, and she was estranged from her then adult child.
After some time of further struggle, she became a Christian.
Later, she quit drugs and alcohol. She attended church, made Christian friends, joined Bible studies and did all the activities typically associated with a "good" Christian.
However, her deep-seated anger, anxiety & depression continued and she found comfort in food. Foods high in refined sugar and foods that metabolize as sugar became her "escape."
She became overweight and that added to her depression. She took medications for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, high glucose, and pain. She was on a steady decline that lasted for decades.
During that time she heard many sermons on how Christians should be victorious, and...she agreed.
Except it seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she continued a "yo-yo" experience of slipping in & out of despair followed by a small & temporary uplift only to fall back into despair.
All the while, she, as well as others who had tried to help her, were unaware that all that she suffered were only symptoms of a deeper issue.
That deeper issue had not been properly & Biblically resolved, so the symptoms continued, grew, and created further symptoms.
Eventually, she came to me and through FreedomKeys, we were able to discover the lies she had believed (the "lock") and the "chains" (anger, anxiety, etc.) began to fall aside.
After a while, she was able to dismiss her addiction to food and her health increased. Finally, she was able to make amends with her child and they now enjoy a healthy relationship. 
Today, Annie is well and serves as a counselor. 



What We Learn from Annie's Story


From Annie's story, we can see how one issue creates a further "avalanche" effect of worsening compound issues. The childhood trauma or inciting event(s), and the resulting issues later in life, can differ from person to person, BUT the pattern does not change.


Unfortunately, Annie's story is the story of many broken Christians.


I've worked with a lot of broken Christians aged 40-70 whose issues began in childhood. What's always sad to me is that each person has literally lived through decades of unnecessary suffering.


Yet, I am also joyful because I know that through FreedomKeys, I can help them.




FreedomKeys opens the lock and the chains fall off


Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress...Christians find help at DonMondell.com


I understand not all broken Christians are ready to trust a Christian counselor. This is why I developed many resources on my website that are available to anyone.


For those ready to receive confidential, private help, I created FreedomKeys; the Biblical process to free you from your past. 


If you're ready, please do set an appointment for FreedomKeys. Some people are fine after one meeting, others may need more; each person is unique.


Lose the pain of the past  &  find peace at last



Benefits of FreedomKeys

  • Private

    Our meeting is private; only I will hear you. Only I will see you if you opt for live video.

  • Confidential

    Our meeting is confidential; I will not speak to another person in regard to you.

  • Instructions

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  • Information

    You'll complete a confidential (my eyes only) online form to help me know a bit about you before we meet. This is so I can pray & prepare for our meeting. It will allow more time for discussion during our meeting and you'll receive the best experience when I'm able to review and consider your information prior to our meeting.

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  • Proceed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can't I get the help I need from any Christian counselor?

A. It's best to consider Christian counselors the same way we consider medical doctors. You don't visit an ear, nose & throat specialist if you have a herniated disc; you visit a spine specialist or orthopedic surgeon.


Similarly, not all Christian counselors are able to help you, simply because they're a Christian counselor.


You will need a specialist if you are a Christian adult who, as a child, was verbally, physically or sexually abused, experienced parent neglect, abandonment or divorce, and/or was raised by an alcoholic or drug addict. 


Christian counselors who do not have life experience with the issues I just mentioned and do not understand the dynamics of the results and the specific healing process necessary may not be able to help you. 



Q. If I pray more and read my bible more won't that fix me?

A. Sometimes. Assuming the individual is an actual broken Christian, then in over 30 years of counseling, I have only seen a rare few individuals accomplish this.


Many Christians and Christian leaders believe if someone who actually qualifies as a broken Christian will just read the Bible more, pray, and act as a committed Christian, then the issues with which they struggle will disappear.


First, all of us should pray and read our Bibles more, but that alone may not deliver the remedy.


I specialize in helping people who have already been praying and reading, as well as attending church services and other Christian activities. When a person does those things and still cannot escape their issues, they need a specific type of help.


If you are considering my help you should ask yourself this question: Have I honestly tried to pray, read, study, and apply Scripture to my life, engage in a Christian community, and earnestly tried to overcome my issues? If you can answer "yes" to that question and you still continue to suffer—please join me in FreedomKeys.


What People Have Said...


"I no longer have the problems..." 

  • L.W.
    "I've been to see counselors in the past and did get some help, but Don and his approach is so different. First, I felt like we were old friends. I mean it wasn't like when you go to the doctor and it's formal and the conversation doesn't really feel very personal. Anyway Don helped me like nobody else had before. He explained what happened to me in a way that I finally understood. He showed me how those things in the past affected me and why they were still affecting me even though I've been a Christian for 17 years. I thought that when I became a Christian those things wouldn't bother me anymore or not as much. But I still suffered. I gave up talking to other Christians about my problem, because the few times I tried it seemed like they thought less of me, because I had the issues I did. It was like I wasn't a very good Christian. Except I love the Lord and I want to be right before him, I just couldn't get past my issues. Don helped me and I no longer have the problems I've carried for so very long."


"I'm a new man..."

  • J.S.
    "Don helped me understand why I was a born again Christian for many years but I was so driven to addictions and I struggled with depression and anxiety, too. I hid my problems a long time but when I admitted it to two different Christians, one thought I wasn't a committed Christian and the other had no idea what I should do. I kept trying to be a good Christian but I couldn't fix my problems. I wanted someone who wouldn't judge me and could help, but not having that person was more difficult sometimes than my actual issues. Don understood and helped me get past my problems. Praise God! I'm a new man. Thanks Don!"


I Want to Give Away FreedomKeys


It costs thousands of dollars a year to operate my website and to develop new resources for members. I'd prefer to give it all away without any charge, including FreedomKeys, but I can't afford it yet.


That said, FreedomKeys is less expensive than visiting a counselor and you receive the same benefits. Plus...


  • You don't have to leave your home  

  • You can remain anonymous

  • You get an additional discount as a full member

  • You get a refund if you're not satisfied


If you need confidential help, I hope to see you soon.

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