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  • Coffee For Your Soul

    Your free membership also includes my newsletter Coffee For Your Soul that comes with my latest articles, members-only freebies, and discounts on my products & services.

  • LinkLibrary

    LinkLibrary is my ever-expanding catalog of links to articles on addictions, abuse & health research. Helpful for those who want to learn & live better. New articles are added regularly.

  • Discouragement Help for Christians

    Discouragement Help for Christians is my multimedia eBook with tools & resources to help any Christian get past discouragement.

  • PRAY - Audio Player for Discouragement

    Your discouragement module from the PRAY Christian Meditation Method library takes you through a narrator-guided, 30 minute, Bible-based experience that will build your courage & comfort your soul.

  • ThoughtNotes Journal

    Your ThoughtNotes Journal helps you connect with God & gently guides you to your best experience possible while using your PRAY discouragement session.

  • HEARhelp - Audio Player for Discouragement

    Your HEARhelp experience lets you listen to JUST the verses about discouragement from the NIV, NLT or KJV Bible translations.

  • HEARhelp Guide for Discouragement

    Your HEARhelp Guide for Discouragement will help you clarify how God cares for you & how you can overcome discouragement.

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    Article Download will save the articles you choose to your computer as a PDF. You can then read the article(s) offline on any device, print, share with others, and all links in the article(s) continue to work, too!

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