You can receive a free copy of Discouragement Help for Christians. You'll also receive additional resources. It's really free & you can remain anonymous.


Why is it free?


  • I’m a Christian counselor—my focus is ministry—not business.

  • I receive some income outside of my website.


Your book includes these 4 additional resources...

  • PRAY - Audio Player for Discouragement

    Your discouragement module from the PRAY Christian Meditation Method library takes you through a narrator-guided, 30 minute, Bible-based experience that will build your courage & comfort your soul.

  • ThoughtNotes Journal

    Your ThoughtNotes Journal helps you connect with God & gently guides you to your best experience possible while using your PRAY discouragement session.

  • HEARhelp - Audio Player for Discouragement

    Your HEARhelp experience lets you listen to JUST the verses about discouragement from the NIV, NLT or KJV Bible translations.

  • HEARhelp Guide for Discouragement

    Your HEARhelp Guide for Discouragement will help you clarify how God cares for you & how you can overcome discouragement.

You also receive free lifetime access to the members-only Resource Center. Whenever I create a new resource available only to members, you'll find it immediately in your Resource Center.


Here's what's in the Resource Center now...


  • Coffee For Your Soul

    Your free membership also includes my newsletter Coffee For Your Soul that comes with my latest articles, members-only freebies, and discounts on my products & services.

  • LinkLibrary

    LinkLibrary is my ever-expanding catalog of links to articles on addictions, abuse & health research. Helpful for those who want to learn & live better. New articles are added regularly.

  • Discouragement Help for Christians

    Discouragement Help for Christians is my multimedia eBook with tools & resources to help any Christian get past discouragement.


Why is all this free?

First, this is a ministry to broken Christians who still suffer from past abuse - not just a business with profits as its goal. Second, to reach more broken Christians, I've learned that offering a quality item for free attracts a larger crowd.

Do I get a printed book?

No, Discouragement Help for Christians is a multimedia ebook. That means you can read it on your computer, tablet or phone wherever and whenever you please. Also, when I update the book to the next edition, you get it free!

Why should I do this?

It's free. It's anonymous. It can help you. You get my book, plus access to members-only products & services. Also, I'll never pressure you, but as a free member of the resource center, you'll always have the option to become a full member of the site with even more helpful resources.

Who made the tools?

With input from pastors & counselors, the company I founded, SoulCare Research, developed tools exclusively for professional counselors, chaplains, coaches & caregivers. Professionals still use our tools, however now, these tools are available directly to my members at 

Free book, Discouragement Help for Christians by Don Mondell available free at

Thanks for your interest in my book, Discouragement Help for Christians. 
May the Lord bless you & yours. —Don